Tools and Suppliers

We are big fans of finding great tools and supplier and stick with them. There is a high cost – both mental and monetary – of regularly finding a new solution because the old one did not deliver. We have done the legwork and are very happy to recommend the following tools and suppliers. We are only listing tools we are paying for which are most – besides some Google Tools (namely Google Analytics and Google Data Studio).

Domains & Hosting

Hosting 4 Life – My chance we stumbled upon this boutique-style hosting provider based in Finland. It has never disappointed and that’s why we are happy clients. We appreciate the personal service that goes way beyond what we have seen from the big providers that our clients deal with.

Namecheap – It’s good to have all your domains with one company. Namecheap is the place where we get ours.


Screaming Frog
Searchmetrics Suite

Self Management

Jira – although we don’t use it ourselves, a few of our clients have it in daily use. We love it as great alternative to email when multiple people work on one task. It’s great because it always clear to everyone who is in charge and all information and resources are in one spot.